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Jongeren vinden de opvoeding rondom hun sociale media- en smartphone gebruik goed gaan en houden zich over het algemeen aan sociale gedragsregels online. Recommendation Social networking sites SNS are popular among teenagers. Aside from that, Ms.

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Online SNS are plentiful, varied and easily accessible to students and teachers alike. Deze sociale veranderingen zijn, voor vele organisaties die opvoedingsondersteuning bieden, te snel gegaan. For instances, lack of parents' attention could possibly affect the motivation of students or their children to do work. Using an instant messaging helps conserve time since in the late years most people use letters to send their feelings to their loved ones in a faraway place. Aside from that, Ms. The tendency was they didn't prioritize their homework. After the survey was conducted, the researchers found out that these sites were the most visited sites among the Aloysians. Locale of the Study B. It will not also include the effects of such websites to the emotional aspect of the students. In those technological products, students can easily access or connect on different social networking sites SNSs. The study of E. Scope and Limitation This study investigates the effects of social networking websites in the study of students. Panong, a teacher and Ms. Scope and Limitation 6 E.

Web browsers are the program needed to open a website. Furthermore, this study could give a probable explanation to the teachers who surmise why their students' academic excellence are changing. SlideShare Inc. For instance, students always feel tired in class.

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The researchers found out that, social networking sites can affect the academic excellence of the students. Moreover, the respondents covered the 1st year until the 4th year students who actively participated in the study.

impact of social media on students pdf
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